Top Tunes Of 2011

People steady complain that no good music comes out anymore and I really have to vehemently disagree with them – There was so much amazing music that came out this year that it was almost impossible to stay on top of all of it! I did my best, with my somewhat-monthly Top Ten Mix series, but even with that you can see that it didn’t really hit on everything. So I compiled a list of some of my most favorite songs of 2011. These are the tunes that really moved me, and who know… Knowing how things are with me, I may just add another dozen or so songs to this list by January 1st. Either way, check these tunes out, jam out them, and most importantly, go buy the music and / or support the artists!

This entire post was inspired partly by watching everyone’s “best of” lists all up and down Twitter, and me wanting to hop on the bandwagon. But it truly was inspired by my friends at the Brazil-based website They asked me to do a write up similar to this and so I banged out for my homies. You can check the whole entry right here.

Metronomy “The Look

Poolside “Harvest Moon

The Hackney Colliery Band “Africa

Oliver $ “Doin’ Ya Thang (Original Mix)

James Brown “There Was A Time (Whiskey Baron Edit)

Lykke Li “I Follow Rivers (The Magician Remix)

Headman “Voices (Hannulelauri Dub)

Daft Punk “Derezzed

Big Sean “Dance (A$$) (Remix feat. Nicki Minaj)

Graveyard “Ungrateful Are The Dead

 Meek Mill “I’m A Boss feat. Rick Ross



Anna Calvi “No More Words

Riton “Dark Place feat. Shani Cuppcake

Storm Queen “It Goes On

Cassius Slay “Bouncer

Frank Ocean “Swim Good

Rihanna “We Found Love feat. Calvin Harris

Hang Glider “Glide Time

Swizz Beatz “Everyday (Coolin’) feat. Eve

TV On The Radio “Will Do” (XXXChange Remix)

 Jeremy Glenn “New Life (Perseus “Summer Of 83” Remix)

Grandtheft “Let Me Out feat. Alixe Turner

Sheen Bros “It’s So Hot feat. Greg Nice” (The Miracles Club Remix)

James Blake “The Wilhelm Scream” (Paul Raffaele Bootleg)

Kanye West & Jay-Z “Ni**az In Paris

Cassius “The Sound Of Violence (Aeroplane Remix)

Kon & The Gang “Sunlight (Dub)

Spank Rock “Energy

Michna “Real Hero

Sir Nenis “Freaks (Wax Motif & Neoteric Remix)

Bon Iver “Holocene” (and video of the year IMO #Iceland)

Willy Moon “I Wanna Be Your Man (Drop The Lime Mix)

The Death Set “Can You See Straight

Lupe Fiasco “Out Of My Head (Feat. Trey Songz)

Terius Nash “1977 (Miss You Still)

Todd Terje “Ragysh

Florence + The Machine “Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up) (Leo Zero Remix – Greg Wilson Edit)

Mark Ronson & The Business Intl. “Record Collection (Plastic Plates Remix)

Little Dragon “Ritual Union

Win Win “Releaserpm feat. Lizzi Bougatsos

Lovebirds “Want You In My Soul feat. Stee Downes

Frozen Files Presents On East Village Radio

Today, or this evening, or morning maybe if you’re in Tokyo, I’ll be doing a special guest set on Matt Life & Schott Free’s weekly broadcast of pure unadulterated realness, Frozen Files Presents on East Village Radio. We’re going out with a bang and these two legends are giving me free reign musically, so expect a lot of funk, funk, more funk, and a bit of some funk. You know I got crates, so who wants to test? Click here to stream the December 28th show.

Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall

A cold and dreary, rainy day here in Philly, made me think about how just a little precipitation could provoke such passion and emotion from artists. We’re all beholden to the rain, it’s one of life’s great equalizers. Bumbershoots UP, people. It’s only for a little while. Anyway, here’s just a collection of videos… It’s been a minute since I’ve done this on this site. And if you can make it to the bottom you’ll find a nice treat. Enjoy!

And for those that made it this far, and for those that enjoy some Led Zep and in particular the thunder of Bonzo (even though he played quite the jerk in last night’s edition of “Mom’s True Life Stories”) here are some insane goodies for you. You don’t have to be a producer or a DJ or even remotely involved with music to enjoy these. Such power, such timing. The man was a machine…

John Bonham “Fool In The Rain” (Isolated Drum Tracks Part 1)

John Bonham “Fool In The Rain” (Isolated Drum Tracks Part 2)

Thank You Everyone

I just got back from a trip to the Middle East and my arms are really fucking tired (I know, I know, but I just can’t help it. I was told to keep my day job and not look into switching careers to become a comedian.) But big shout out to my peoples over there, especially David and Ahmed. You guys are great and I look forward to all of the work that we will be doing in the future. Also, big shout to everyone with whom I worked with and just in-general crossed paths with in 2011. It was an incredible and strange year, and I look forward to seeing it out with a bang and some class.

And I look forward to a wonderful, prosperous, peaceful, gratifying, happy 2012 to everyone that I know. This year was major, but let us all get together to spread love and to make 2012 the best one yet. I know that we can do it! I know we can, so let’s get to it… Peace and love, Cosmo.

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  • Cosmo Baker’s Top Ten Records Of May

    DJ Stuart "Re-Work V2"
    Wet "All The Ways" (Branchez Remix)
    De La Soul "Beautiful Night"
    Phife "Nutshell"
    With You "Ghost" feat. Vince Staples (Major Lazer Remix)
    Tall Black Guy "The Heart Of The Town"
    KRNE "I'll Be Good"
    Hoodboi "Closer"
    Drake "With You" Feat. PARTYNEXTDOOR
    Christopher Cross "Ride Like The Wind" (Joey Negro Dub Disco Mix)


    Club Cheval "Discipline"
    Mura Masa "What If I Go"
    Kate Bush "Why Should I Love You?"

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