Rear Window Interview With Paradigm Magazine

This summer  I was lucky enough to get the chance and sit down at The Bedford over oysters and beer with my friends from Paradigm Magazine for an interview that was going to be featured in their site. Then just a few months ago they decided they wanted to switch gears and do it as a video interview, and just like that the Rear Window series was born. Here’s what it’s all about, and here’s how it went down.

“The first time I witnessed Cosmo DJ, I was blown away. I saw him play this party in Washington, DC, and I stood in the same place from the beginning of his set to the very end in complete awe. He is everything you want from a DJ; he’s a “DJs DJ”. You can give him a hip-hop record, a pop record, disco, reggae, soul, funk…records that you would never think of mixing together, and he’ll take those records and create a masterpiece of a set; it’s just what he does. Not only is he a great DJ/Producer/Artist, he’s one of the warmest human beings I’ve met. I would suggest not missing him the next he’s in your town, or better yet, if you’re in New York you can catch him at his monthly party called The Rub. Paradigm had the pleasure of spending a day with Cosmo Baker and taping the whole experience. Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we did.”

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