James Power


Here’s the re-up of my funk-infused party jam…

Cosmo Baker “James Power”

12 Responses to “James Power”

  1. Dominic De La Riva 12/01/10 @ 7:49 PM

    funky, groovy, soulful, what more can a man want?

  2. Jesse Carr 12/08/10 @ 4:49 AM

    YESSSSSSS….. love this. Thanks my mellow.

  3. admin 12/08/10 @ 5:35 PM

    This was a a rough sketch we put up just to have something on the site but I’m working on a REAL version of this, hold tight dudes.

  4. audioplaisir 12/18/10 @ 8:21 PM

    Download-Error file not found!
    Sad mate!

    Cheers and big up 4 the rest.

  5. Cosmo 12/20/10 @ 3:17 PM

    Should be up and popping now my man.

  6. Chelby D 12/28/10 @ 10:52 PM

    Sooooo funky

  7. Marc Elias 03/01/11 @ 4:22 AM

    Track sounds dope – d/l link was no functionar though.

  8. j-justice 03/05/11 @ 1:51 AM

    d/l no worky! damn!

  9. DIRTYFINGER 04/28/11 @ 3:33 AM

    Hot ish! Would love that DL. Thanks for all the jams.

  10. bboy cult 07/28/11 @ 6:32 AM

    this is the most god awful drudgery ive ever heard. sayin it stinks is an insult to the word stink…


    sounds real solid. whatd u d that on? sounds like its runnin thru a board or a hardware eq of some sort.

    and what eq did u run everything thru on the Love Breaks 1&2? those cds sounded GREAT…

  11. Mr. Cisum 08/08/11 @ 9:36 PM

    Nice chop ups…forever listenable groove, homie!!!

  12. Mind Power « mixSERV 11/11/11 @ 1:19 AM

    […] Check out this new joint. Cosmo Baker Dot Com! » Music […]

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