A-Trak: “Cosmo Baker is hands down one of my favorite DJs. very few dudes can read a crowd like Cosmo, first of all. My man can rock it in so many ways, and he continues to surprise me. Cosmo lives and breathes music and his knowledge runs deep!! He’s a virtual librarian of music.”

DJ Jazzy Jeff: “When it comes to keeping the Philly Music tradition goin, Cosmo has it locked. His knowledge is incredible and his Crates are deep and his passion and skills makes him one of my faves.”

DJ AM:  “Cos is a Philly native with more flavor than a pack of Now N’ Laters. This flavor comes in handy when he’s deciding what tunes you’re gonna hear for a few hours!”

Diplo: “I would sneak into Fluid when I was still under 21 to see Cosmo play at the legendary Remedy, his parties were part of my foundation in Philly. The dude has a sixth sense at turnin’ a crowd out.”

?uestlove: “Cosmo Cosmo Cosmo… I remember when Cosmo got his first mixer and started dj’n back in 92. Little did I know this guy would constantly keep me on my a game like no other cat I know. He is always dropping that “This ain’t out yet” game on us and I’m always dropping that “Cell phone memo note to cop that ‘This ain’t out yet'” jam he played. When I grow up, I wanna be like Mo”

RJD2: “Cosmo is the club DJ I aspire to be – smooth, seamless, on top of his game, knows exactly what’s appropriate at any given time. He’ll play the song that I’m totally sure could not be resurrected, and bam – gangbusters. He’s definitely that guy.”

Nick Catchdubs: “In the biggest DJ city in the world, where every single one of your friends, neighbors and co-workers is spinning a party on any given night of the week, I still go out of my way to check Cosmo Baker play whenever I can. His style never fails to surprise and inspire in fresh ways.”

Dave Nada: “Cosmo Baker is a major influence in my musical career. I put him right up there with heroes like James Brown, Afrika Bambaataa, and Masters At Work. He’s not a DJ. He’s an artist. A soul man.”

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  • Cosmo Baker’s Top Ten Records Of May

    DJ Stuart "Re-Work V2"
    Wet "All The Ways" (Branchez Remix)
    De La Soul "Beautiful Night"
    Phife "Nutshell"
    With You "Ghost" feat. Vince Staples (Major Lazer Remix)
    Tall Black Guy "The Heart Of The Town"
    KRNE "I'll Be Good"
    Hoodboi "Closer"
    Drake "With You" Feat. PARTYNEXTDOOR
    Christopher Cross "Ride Like The Wind" (Joey Negro Dub Disco Mix)


    Club Cheval "Discipline"
    Mura Masa "What If I Go"
    Kate Bush "Why Should I Love You?"

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