Pay It Forward To Mr Dibbs

Our good friend and homie, Mr. Dibbs, is sick and he needs your help. Dibbs, founder of the 1200 Hobos, DJ for Atmosphere and just all around good dude like cooked food, is suffering from complications due to cirrhosis of the liver. Not only is his health suffering, but he has been overwhelmed by a 6 figure medical bill that is still climbing. So to help, his friends have set up Pay It Forward To Mr. Dibbs, a Facebook page where fans and friends alike can read up more about what the brother is going through, and can help offset his costs with direct donations.

That said, if you take anything away from this story folks I hope that you all realize you NEED health insurance. So many DJs go without, and you just can’t do that shit anymore. If you don’t have health insurance, look into the Freelancers Union and GET THAT SHIT. They charge on a sliding scale, so you can afford it! Shout to Jessica Weber for the look on that.

But Dibbs is a truly unique guy. An amazing and innovative talent, a loyal husband and friend, and someone who is dedicated to the advancement of this craft of ours. In 2006, me, A-Trak & DJ Ayres set off on a 2 month long tour all across North America. It was called Sunglasses Is A Must and it kind of was a very profound jumping point for all of us in our respective careers. We had some truly amazing adventures, and you can read about them as they were chronicled by the three of us here on the Sunglasses Is A Must Tour Blog. One of the truly most memorable encounters was when we hung with Dibbs in Cincinnati. He treated us like brothers, hosted us at his house, fed us, and him and I had an intense broing down over X-Clan. He also showed us his incredible artwork collection, painted by some of the most notorious serial killers of all time.

Dibbs showing off an original oil painting by Richard Ramirez aka The Night Stalker.

Admiring the handiwork of an original John Wayne Gacy.

Me, Dibbs, Master P, Ayres & A-Trak. Our tour manager Scooter is behind the lens.

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