Scion A/V Presents Prince Paul: Beating Up New York

Our friends over at Scion A/V have teamed with the legendary Prince Paul for his new series “Musician Impossible: Prince Paul’s Adventurous Musical Journey.”  The show follows Paul and his cohorts Mr. Dead and Soce on a cross-country quest for new musical inspiration. On this debut episode, the gang hit Paul’s home – Money Making Manhattan – to link up with some of my good buddies, Win Win, Boston’s Soul Clap and the one and only Style Of Eye. Paul gets a crash course on the new wave of dance music. Fresh to death…

Win Win On Rub Radio

Scion A/V Presents: WIN WIN Interview from Scion A/V on Vimeo.

I interviewed Win Win for Rub Radio brought to you by Scion A/V. They’re my favorites. Big shout out to XXXChange and Courtney on the world premier of their new baby boy. Great job, you too. He’s even better than the record (which is saying a lot because the record is a killer!)

Doing Our Part For The Win

This is something my good homie Chris Devlin of Spankrock / Devin & Darko / Win Win fame recently hipped me to. Now personally, I believe that because of the position that we’re in, people with notoriety have the power, the opportunity, and in some senses the obligation, to make their voices  heard. Anyone who has read my site in the past knows that I don’t shy away from voicing my opinions on issues that I feel are important. So what Chris brought to my attention is the issue of conflict minerals.

Now obviously in the 21st Century we all heavily depend on electronics, for work, for communication, for leisure. Now computers, cell phones, mp3 players, digital cameras, and a ton of other electronic devices crucial to our lifestyle demand the mining of the ores that produce tin, gold, tantelum, and  tungsten. The eastern areas of  The Democratic Republic of the Congo are rich with these minerals. The profit from the trade in these minerals is fought over violently and reaps great civilian casualty, both physical and psychological. Rape, murder, forced labor, and other terrible shit is a by-product of this ongoing battle for the control of these raw materials. It’s basically the same story as “blood diamonds” and such. For a more in-depth look at this issue, please see this article in the Washington Post. Also, please check this video below.

Now Apple, IBM, Dell, Blackberry (RIM), and others do not buy directly from these warlords and militia men, but these ‘conflict minerals’ still make there way into our electronics. The road from the mine to the apple store is a long one. This is where congo really could benefit from our help. If al ot of folks speak up and tell these companies that we, as humans, as professionals, as people who rely on computers, phones, and cameras to do our jobs and live our creative lives, want ‘conflict free’ products they will ultimately have to listen. The good news is that they have listened, and this email is to get some help in ensuring that these companies don’t try and minimize their accountability. And here is how you can help lend a hand…

1: Go to to the Enough Projects website and send your computer and electronics companies a note saying you want them to diligently work towards conflict free products. (its very easy click the link here: and then click on the icon of the company you want to address). We all thank you for taking the little amount of time and helping raise awareness of this cataclysmic and heart wrenching tragedy that is going on right under our noses.

2: Sign this petition which will help to ensure that the BI-PARTISAN legislation in Congress  designed to rid the supply lines of ‘conflict minerals’  (now being overseen by the SEC) continues to build strength, support, and clarity.THE PETITION JUST WENT LIVE @ 12:15 pm, and WE ARE AIMING FOR A BIG ‘TURNOUT’ TODAY. CLICK HERE TO SIGN THE PETITION

Getting back to the MUSIC, Devlin, XXXChange & Ghostdad are set to release the brand new album by their new group Win Win. Trust me when I tell you that it’s absolutely incredible and, for me perhaps it’s the most exiting release of the year so far. Knowing these guys, it’s awe inspiring to see the direction that they have gone and just how well it has ended up coming together. The first single “Releaserpm” featuring Lizzie Bougatsos of Gang Gang Dance, is a to me a perfect 21st Century pop record. Fuck, that shit just makes me so happy to hear. Without question my favorite song of 2011 so far. Win Win is definitely winning. Peep the video teaser below, (which features the song remixed inna de Moombahton stylee via my main man Dave Nada) and stay on the lookout for the album coming out soon on Vice Records.

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